Frederiksdal Solera

The story in the bottle

Our biggest wine – inspired by the finest Sherry traditions. A solera system means a little simplicity that you have a number of egg yolks, you tap a little of each year – and replenishes with young wine. The young wine quickly tastes the old one (the same principle as using sourdough in baking) and all in all, the wine is becoming more and more complex as the years pass.

Frederiksdal Solera is our entire story collected in one bottle.

The system contains fade and wine was our beginning in 2006. And the dishes are only replenished with wine from our very best years. Overall, our Solera system contains 1251 liters of wine divided into 450, 226 and 125 liter dishes. But we never lose more than 150 liters (300 fl) a year, because the system’s unique soul must be preserved and refined! All bottles are numbered. Drainage year is marked with a #.

500,00 DKK

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